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General dentists and dental restoration specialists across the United States are often tasked with helping patients to deal with complications related to tooth loss. Many of these cases are the direct result of untreated tooth decay, severe gum disease or significant dental trauma that required a treatment based tooth extraction.

In these moments your patient is putting themselves in your care in hopes of restoring some semblance of their basic oral function. Even after one area has been treated, they might still struggle to continue to return for routine dental checkups and care due to dental phobia or issues with dental anxiety. So, providing them with high-quality dental work is essential for long-term patient retention.  

Some individuals will choose to have a partial denture created to temporarily fill the void and replace the function of their missing teeth. This is often a more comfortable alternative to the oral surgery associated with a dental implant restoration.

Here at Paragon Esthetics Dental Lab, we pride ourselves on creating partial and complete dentures using exacting standards. These removable dental appliances are produced by our highly trained technicians using state of the art computer aided design and manufacturing technology.

If you are a dentist or oral care specialists in need of high-quality dental work preparations, you should call 405-843-4339 to speak to a representative at Paragon Esthetics Dental Lab in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.