par·a·gon | ˈper-ə-ˌgän
(n.) A model of excellence or perfection


es·thet·ics | es-ˈthe-tiks
(n.) The branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and taste

At Paragon Esthetics, our highly skilled team of lab technicians consistently strives for a high standard of excellence in the products it creates. You can count on us to exceed your expectations with quality restorations designed to give your patients the healthy, happy smiles they deserve. We employ the latest technology combined with advanced techniques, so we can take on even the most complex cosmetic cases. At our innovative dental lab in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you can expect efficiency, hard work, and dedication to creating incredible restorations.



Meet the Paragon Esthetics Team


Erin – Office Manager
Erin has been a part of our office for one year. She was dental assistant for 18 years. At Paragon Esthetics, she makes sure that our office runs efficiently, and she loves being part of a team that cares about the quality of work that it does for the doctors and the patients. Erin feels honored to be a part of a group of professionals that is committed to excellence. Erin has been married to her husband Steve for 38 years. She has daughter, Shannon and a son, Stephen; a son-in-law Stephen and a daughter-in-law Leah. She is a proud grandmother of three, and in her spare time she enjoys interior design.


Kinsey – Lab Assistant
Kinsey has been with Paragon Esthetics for a little over a year. She helps out in any way she can around the office and loves how everyone at the practice is like family. She is also grateful that she is able to learn so much from her coworkers. Kinsey has two wonderful parents, Michael and Lesley, and an older brother Tyler who lives in Atlanta. Kinsey shows horses competitively, and you will find her out and enjoying a ride whenever she has the chance!


Tiffany – Dental Lab Technologist
Tiffany has been with our team for 5 years. She attended Oklahoma Health Academy to study to be a dental assistant, but discovered that she preferred working in the dental lab instead. She then attended Moore Norman Technology Center to study dental crowns and bridges, and then returned to MNTC to become PTC certified as a dental lab technician. Tiffany enjoys how well we work as a team, and the pride we take in what we do. She is always giving her best and helping in any way that she can. Tiffany and her husband of 11 years have 2 sons.


Stephen- Lab Technician, CAD/CAM Specialist
Stephen has been a part of the Paragon Esthetics team for 14 years. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast and Electronic Media. Stephen has the desire and passion to give our patients the best restorations possible. One of the things he likes best about his job is helping each patient achieve a beautiful smile, and giving them the confidence to smile again. Stephen has been married for 11 years and has two children, a boy age nine and a girl, four. When he is not at the office, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys hunting and gaming.


Cameron – Dental Ceramist/Implant Technician
Cameron has been with Paragon Esthetics for twenty years. He completed the Dental Lab program at the Moore Norman Technology Center in 1997 and enjoys finding creative ways to meet the challenges our practice faces. He appreciates the bonds and relationships he has formed with his co-workers, having worked with them for so many years. Cameron has been married for 12 years and has two children. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and doing community outreach work.


Steve Roberts – Owner/COO
Steve Roberts was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he currently owns and operates Paragon Esthetics, a local dental lab. Steve has over 35 years experience serving dentists and their patients.Steve participated in a round table discussion board for 3i in designing Cad Cam Implant-retained bars. He has completed many courses in his tenure including Oral Design “Master’s Touch ceramic workshop, “Key Effects” Beauty and Glamour for Natural Esthetics workshop, and the Procera Scannning training course for Principles of Scanning. Steve was chosen to Beta Test multiple softwares including Cad Cam designing of Procera Implant Bridges and Bars and full contour Zirconia copings. He was a trainer for Nobel Biocare on the proper techniques and designs of Pressed to Zirconia and use of Nobel Rondo porcelain.Steve continues to strive for education within the dental community and excellence in quality for dentist and their patients.