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As you are aware a significant amount of education is required to become a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant or other oral care specialist. Here at Paragon Esthetic dental lab, we mirror your dedication to providing high-quality oral care to your patients.

This includes providing our staff and dental assistants with opportunities for continuing education. This helps us to stay informed on new developments in the oral healthcare industry as well as ensuring that we can provide you with the quality dental lab preparations you need for patient retention and new patient referrals.

We offer educational events and courses on a wide range of topics presented by highly accredited organizations and individuals throughout the industry. This can range from new technological developments in digital imaging, state of the art dental technology, diagnostics and treatment of oral health issues.

These sessions are available both to our staff as well as our clients to help broaden the scope of knowledge throughout the industry as well as to develop new relationships.

If you are a dentist or other oral care practitioner in need of high-quality dental lab services or you are looking for continuing education in the field, you should call 405-843-4339 to speak to one of the representatives at Paragon Esthetic Dental Labs.