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Individuals who are dealing with tooth decay and potential tooth loss often experience decreased oral function and a hampered quality of life. If the affected tooth is located in the front of their mouth, the person might also feel a diminished sense of self-confidence when they smile. This effect can be compounded if the individual has lost multiple teeth in one area.

In moments like this patients turn to dentists, prosthodontists and other oral care specialists, like you to treat the tooth and restore their basic oral function.

Here at Paragon Esthetic dental lab located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we understand your patient’s needs and we are proud to offer high-quality dental lab preparations, made using state-of-the-art technology.

Our dental lab technicians receive extensive training in computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, which allows us to produce dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures with exacting detail.

The fast turnaround time means you can complete the treatment process as soon as possible to maximize patient satisfaction, which can be a major factor in patient retention rates and new patient referrals.

If you are a dentist or other oral care practitioner in need of high-quality dental lab services, you should call 405-843-4339 to speak to a representative at Paragon Esthetic Dental Labs in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.