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At Paragon Esthetics, we create top-of-the-line dentures to replace missing teeth that look, feel and function like your patient’s own teeth. For those patients with several or all missing teeth, and their oral health is otherwise good, dentures are a great option.

Partial dentures are ideal for patients who have only a few missing teeth while full dentures are a great solution for those patients missing almost all or all of their teeth. Full dentures – use a base made of gum-colored acrylic or plastic material which sits snugly on the gums and is molded for comfort. These help patients who have both upper and lower missing teeth. Partial dentures use an acrylic base with metal clasps with one or more artificial teeth attached and are removable.

Denture Care

Both denture types need to be cleaned daily and handled carefully. A towel should be placed on the counter or water in the sink in case of dropping them. Handling the denture gently to avoid bending it or harming the clasps or plastics and using a soft-bristled brush with a mild dish washing soap will clean and remove food particles and plaque. Rinsing well with warm (never hot) water can also help keep stains from forming. Any denture adhesive needs to be cleaned out of the grooves touching the gums.

When the dentures are not in use they need to be soaked in a cleaning solution to keep their shape intact. Dentures always need to be removed and rinsed after eating. Before the denture is put back into the mouth, all cleaning solutions must be thoroughly rinsed away to avoid ingesting cleaning chemicals.

Regular dental checkups will allow you to examine the patient’s denture so they continue to fit snugly and are not loose in the mouth as well as ensure their oral tissues remain healthy to support the denture.

Our skilled technicians will create your patient’s dentures according to their unique specifications using exact measurements. If you need that are designed for comfort and stability to help your patients, please contact our dental lab in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, at 405-843-4339 today.