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When you work with our Paragon Esthetics team, you will find dental implant options to help your patients depending on their restoration needs. We are proud to provide dental implant posts and abutments as well as various single- and multi-tooth restoration options and do so with an eye for perfection. Our skilled technicians can take the impressions you send us to precisely design and create the restoration your patients need to repair their smile flaws.

There was a time when lost teeth were replaced with dental bridges to restore a lost tooth, whether from tooth decay, avulsion, or extraction. Of course, losing teeth can lead to a vast array of dental problems, including difficulty chewing/digesting food correctly and hampering proper nutritional absorption, speech problems, and a decreased aesthetic appearance as well as a diminished facial profile which can affect self-esteem on a social level or with peers, colleagues, and more.

Thanks to dental advances, these patients have more options than ever as dental implants, as well as implant-supported dental bridges, can solve these dental issues more effectively than ever before. With the help of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology our Paragon Esthetics team located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, are proud to offer dental lab services for patients including the following:

  • Dental Crowns and Bridges
  • Dental Implants
  • Dentures

In the process of creating our dental prosthetics, we craft tooth restorations that are the most comfortable to avoid having an ill-fitting restoration which could ultimately affect the longevity and outcome of the implantation. This is vital because we don’t want bacteria to thrive under the restoration and lead to tooth decay.

Are you looking for high-quality dental implant restorations for your patients? When it comes to dental implants, our team at Paragon Esthetics use the latest in technological advancements to create precision-matched dental implants quickly and reliably and custom-fitted for each patient.

Our lab technicians rely on attention to detail so that a patient’s restoration is aesthetically pleasing and precise in function. This is the case whether it’s the implant prosthetics, the post or the abutment. Our dental implants are high-quality even if your case is highly complex. You can expect us to provide you with the best dental implant outcomes when you rely on our successful experience.

Our dental lab team in Oklahoma City, in Oklahoma, look forward to fulfilling your dental implant restoration needs with the quality you expect! Please reach out to us at 405-843-4339 to speak to an expert on staff, and we will help you with planning, preparation and fabrication of your dental implants.