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As an oral care practitioner, you deserve a dental lab that can provide high-quality dental restorations in a timely manner for your patients who have missing teeth. At Paragon Esthetics dental lab in Oklahoma City, OK, we know how important it is to restore the patient’s oral function and quality of life, especially when a front tooth is missing, leading to self-consciousness.

Our skilled dental lab technicians combine their expertise with computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to create dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures with exacting detail. Our turnaround time is not only speedy but accurate. We want to make sure your patients are pleased with our oral appliances that look natural, feel comfortable, and work perfectly. We are here to support your patient retention and new patient referrals, whether for normal restorations or complex cosmetic cases.

We provide the following top-quality products for our clients:

Dental Crowns & Bridges
Thanks to advanced technology and high-grade materials, our team produces exceptional dental crowns and bridges using only quality ceramic, porcelain, metal and resin. These restorations will look and feel natural and have exceptional durability.

Dental Implants
Just like our crowns and bridges, our dental implants are precision-matched to fit each patient’s smile perfectly. Our lab technicians pay attention to each detail, whether it is a post or abutment to ensure accuracy for this prosthetic created with timeliness in mind.

Our team offers your patients the complete or partial dentures they need to restore their smiles. These removable appliances will give them the stability, comfort and favorable appearance they deserve. These top-quality materials are combined with cutting-edge technology to create a secure denture that also factors in the age of the patient, the desired shading of the tooth as well as the contours of their natural tissues.

Thanks to CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) processes and equipment our fabrications are designed to fit with precision and durability!

Our highest priority is giving you comfortable, durable, and natural-looking dental restorations that will restore and enhance your patients’ smiles. To accomplish this, we take on high-end cases and implants, assisted by cutting-edge technology to combine aesthetics and function in a reliable and timely manner.

If you are a dental provider or oral care practitioner seeking an exceptionally professional dental lab, we welcome you to call 405-843-4339 and speak with a representative of our Paragon Esthetics Dental Labs team in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.