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Patients often turn to general dentists and dental restoration specialists to address a severely compromised or missing tooth. In some of these cases, the tooth in question has been so decayed or traumatized that you simply have no other choice but to extract whatever remains of its root.

In a scenario like this patient satisfaction, retention, and chances of referral often hinge on the quality of the dental restoration provided. This might include dental implant components, dental crowns, and dental bridge restorations.

Here at Paragon Esthetic, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we are proud to offer high-quality dental lab preparations to dentists throughout the country. This includes preparing dental bridges with state of the art technology and high-quality materials.

We take great care in developing and producing restorations with precision and aesthetic factors. Our highly trained dental lab technicians use advanced digital CAD/CAM technology to create very accurate dental bridge restorations that fit perfectly with your impression and other diagnostics. Our goal is to will have your patients smiling for many years to come.

If you are a dentist or other oral care practitioner in need of high-quality dental lab services, you should call 405-843-4339 to speak to one of the representatives at Paragon Esthetic Dental Labs.