We Create Top-Quality Dental Restorations for Your Patients

At Paragon Esthetic dental lab in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, our highest priority is to create natural-looking restorations for your patients who are seeking durable yet comfortable solutions for their missing teeth to restore their quality of life. As an oral care practitioner, when you come to us to give your... Read more »

Offer Your Patients The High-Quality Dental Implant Restorations They Deserve

When you work with our Paragon Esthetics team, you will find dental implant options to help your patients depending on their restoration needs. We are proud to provide dental implant posts and abutments as well as various single- and multi-tooth restoration options and do so with an eye for perfection.... Read more »

We Create the Dentures Your Patients Want to Restore Their Smile

If you are looking for full or partial dentures to give your patients the healthy and attractive smiles they deserve, you can count on our team at Paragon Esthetics to provide you with the quality products you have come to expect. Our exceptional, state of the art technology combined with... Read more »

We Create High Quality Dental Crowns and Bridges

At Paragon Esthetics, we have been proudly serving oral practitioners and their patients to recreate and maintain excellent oral health with the help of our high-quality oral restorations and appliances. Our skilled technicians make sure that each product we create fits and feels comfortable and natural in the mouth. One... Read more »

CAD/CAM Technology Improves Patient Satisfaction in Dental Bridge Restorations

Athletes and individuals who struggle with an unresolved dental phobia are often at increased risk of suffering from tooth loss. Regardless of the primary cause, individuals with a missing tooth often turn to a local dentist or dental restoration specialist to explore their treatment options. Many individuals that lose a... Read more »

Exceptional Dental Work Preparations Help Attract New Patient Referrals

Oral health issues like gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss can have a profound impact on your patient’s overall quality of life. In these moments they often turn to oral care industry professionals like yourself to treat the problem or restore the compromised tooth. Here at Paragon Esthetic dental... Read more »

A Porcelain Dental Bridge Is Often the Ideal Option for a Patient Missing a Single Tooth

The teeth in the front of the mouth play multiple roles. Not only do they help your patients to bite off pieces of food before chewing, they also help them speak certain syllables and often appear when they smile. When one of your patients loses a tooth in the front... Read more »

Fast Turnaround Times Help Maximize Patient Satisfaction

Individuals who are dealing with tooth decay and potential tooth loss often experience decreased oral function and a hampered quality of life. If the affected tooth is located in the front of their mouth, the person might also feel a diminished sense of self-confidence when they smile. This effect can... Read more »

High Quality Porcelain Material Is Used to Cosmetically Restore a Tooth with a Dental Crown

A patient with a front tooth that has been marred by physical or cosmetic imperfections often experiences a deflated sense of self-confidence. Many of these cases are related to discolored tooth enamel, an untreated dental fracture or a visually noticeable dental filling. At the same time a patient with one... Read more »

An Implant Supported Denture Helps Replicate the Strength of Natural Teeth

Many patients suffering from terminal dentition will turn to a dentist or other type of oral care specialist to explore their options for restoring the essential function of their missing teeth. In some of these cases, the individual chooses a complete denture to quickly restore their basic oral function. Yet... Read more »