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“Paragon Esthetics was awesome! For years, I had wanted to re-do my front crowns, and together with Dr. Michael Hampton, they were able to transform my smile and produce the look I could only imagine! They spent countless hours and numerous try-ins to get the perfect fit and I absolutely love my new look! Thanks to Paragon Esthetics for making that happen!”

-Marilyn P.


“Paragon has an extremely knowledgeable staff with decades of experience. They are on the cutting edge of technology and continue to innovate in order to provide a better-quality product to the Dr. and patient!”

-Dr. A.

“I am 3 I years old and for as long as I can remember l have been a dental patient. As a child I had a very tiny mouth, this caused me to begin having teeth extracted at a very early age. There was never any doubt 01thodontics would be necessary in order for all of my adult teeth to fit into my small mouth, and when the time came my case proved to be one of the toughest the doctor had ever seen.

I was in braces all of my pre-teen and teenage years. The orthodontist moved my teeth as much as possible to allow room for my impacted canines to come into place on their own, and when that didn’t work I was introduced to the world of oral surgery. The oral surgeon attached brackets and chains to the canines in my palate and they were brought into place. To the surprise of my orthodontist this seemed to happen overnight, and he was very please when he was able to remove my braces just in time for my high school graduation!

Once the braces were removed I visited my general dentist for a routine cleaning, but this visit was anything but routine. The doctor examined the x-rays my hygienist had taken that day, and then sat me and my mother down and began to explain that my two front lateral incisors no longer had roots. Due to the force and speed of which my canines were brought down, my lateral roots had resorbed.

I cannot begin to explain the devastation of finding out at 18, after being in braces twice, that I was going to lose two of my front teeth. My dentist began to explain how dental implants worked, and the thought alone brought me to tears. From the beginning my fear was not of the actual dental procedure, I was terrified of what I was going to look like.

I put the appointment off for so long that my natural teeth began to change to a darker shade, l knew I couldn’t stay in denial for forever, I had to move forward with the implants. I can still remember the drive to the oral surgeon’s office, I started crying as soon as we left the driveway. By the time my mom and l reached the office I was hysterical, I sat in the bathroom of that office and cried for at least thirty minutes before the doctor himself came had to come and get me!
My general dentist had already explained that in order for my implants to heal I would have to wear an appliance, or flipper as they called it, before my actual crowns were placed. The doctor assured me my flipper was being made by the absolute best dental lab and that it would look completely natural. As I walked into the surgery room I saw the little retainer with two fake teeth sitting next to a box labeled Paragon Esthetics. I thought to myself, don’t worry you are going to look fine because this lab is the best.

Waking up from surgery the first thing I asked for was a mirror, and I was completely shocked when I saw my teeth. The shape, the color, the fit of my flipper was just perfect! Prior to surgery I had cancelled all of my plans and told my friends and family they wouldn’t be seeing me for a while. I had honestly planned on hiding out until I was able to have my final crowns placed. None of that was necessary, I saw all of my friends and even took pictures with my flipper! I could not believe it, these teeth looked exactly like my real teeth, and this was only the temporary!

After waiting a few months for the implants to properly heal I was able to have my abutments placed, and then soon after my final crowns. At the time I had no idea the difference between custom or prefabricated abutments, my general dentist explained that the oral surgeon had placed a custom abutment on one of my implants and a prefabricated abutment on the other. This was a huge problem when it came to making my crowns, because my abutments were two different colors! One was white, and the other metal! My dentist also took x-rays of my new implants and told me that the placement of the implants was less than ideal. So here l was again facing major issues with what my smile was going to look like, but I was not worried not even in the least. I knew my dentist was going to be using Paragon Esthetics for my final crowns and r knew exactly what I could expect from them, I was completely at easing knowing they would know just what to do to fix this.

I went to the lab for custom shading, and Steve spent so much time finding the perfect match. He understood how important this was to me. He took my temporaries off and even placed the actual crowns in my mouth to check the shade. He was so precise and even shaded most of the crowns by hand right then! When he had gotten them exactly the shade he wanted he said “Now, let’s go outside and see how they look in the natural sunlight.” I was so surprised, who would have even thought of that? That
attention to detail is what makes Paragon the absolute best. Even with improperly placed implants, two different types of abutments Paragon still made the most beautiful crowns I could have hoped for. I am so grateful for their high standards; my smile is so perfect now and has opened so many doors for me. Most importantly l am confident when I smile and I have Paragon to thank for that!”

– Kristen D.


“Paragon Esthetics has been the best lab I have ever had the privilege of working with. They have a top-notch facility and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best possible results and provide exceptional service to their clients. If something is needed quickly, they make sure that it happens and are always available to help me with a solution. I couldn’t think of a better lab to work with!”

– The Implant Coordinator (Oral and Maxillofacial Associates, LLC.)