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At Paragon Esthetics, we have been proudly serving oral practitioners and their patients to recreate and maintain excellent oral health with the help of our high-quality oral restorations and appliances. Our skilled technicians make sure that each product we create fits and feels comfortable and natural in the mouth. One of the ways we have been successfully doing this is by providing custom-made bridges and crowns to replace missing teeth for dental practitioners.

Healthy teeth help your patient to bite and chew effectively, speak clearly and smile beautifully. When a patient comes to your practice to restore a lost tooth to avoid additional oral health problems, you want a dental lab you can count on and trust. Complications from missing teeth can impact the gums, surrounding teeth and jawbone, not to mention self-esteem.

Using advanced technological equipment and high-quality materials, our dental crowns and bridges prevent these issues by offering effective and reliable tooth replacements. Our materials are high grade whether they are made from porcelain, ceramic, or metal and resin components. Our goal with each restoration is to make sure they are durable, effective, and natural looking. Patients no longer need to hide their smiles because of cosmetic imperfections like tooth loss.

With the help of state-of-the-art computer-aided design and manufacturing, we create porcelain dental crowns based on the detailed dental impressions you send to our laboratory. We combine efficient production with a timely turnaround time without sacrificing quality. Like you, we want your patient to be satisfied with our restoration and service. When patients have a positive experience you will not only retain their services but will benefit from their new patient referrals who we can also serve. When you and your patient is happy we are as well.

Take a look at one of our satisfied patients:

“Paragon Esthetics was awesome! For years, I had wanted to re-do my front crowns, and together with Dr. Michael Hampton, they were able to transform my smile and produce the look I could only imagine! They spent countless hours and numerous try-ins to get the perfect fit and I absolutely love my new look! Thanks to Paragon Esthetics for making that happen!”  -Marilyn P.

If you are a dentist or other oral care specialist looking for a quality dental lab with a high standard of excellence, Paragon Esthetics in Oklahoma is here to help. We are pleased to discuss our material options, restoration pricing, and treatment planning with you. Just call 405-843-4339 to speak to one of the representatives. We look forward to providing you with the quality restorations you and your patients deserve!