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If you are looking for full or partial dentures to give your patients the healthy and attractive smiles they deserve, you can count on our team at Paragon Esthetics to provide you with the quality products you have come to expect. Our exceptional, state of the art technology combined with the skills our lab technicians possess result in quality restorations to serve your patients for many years to come.

Our dentures are top-of-the-line quality, whether you are looking for a complete or partial denture. When our lab technicians create these removable dental restorations, you can be sure the product will excel in comfort, appearance, and stability consisting of high-quality materials. We make sure that the fit accommodates the precise measurements and shape of your patient’s teeth and gums.

We strive to combine both functionality with aesthetics so your patients will enjoy the improved day-to-day function along with a healthier smile. To help us achieve this, we take into account the age of the patient, the shading of their teeth, as well as the contours of the natural gum tissue.

Since the patient’s dentures are replacing missing teeth in the mouth, they will effectively prevent the surrounding teeth from changing out of their correct position. Customized specifically for your patients’ mouth, you can be confident that their denture will fit comfortably and allow for easy removal. We strive to fabricate the most natural-looking restorations to keep your patient pleased with the fit and confident in their appearance.

Full Dentures
Our full dentures are designed to provide full tooth replacement by filling a full arch of missing teeth with a beautiful and natural-looking denture appliance. This denture is made to be worn over the gums and held securely in place using suction to attach to the roof of the mouth. It can also be taken out at night and for cleanings.

Partial Dentures
Our partial dentures are designed to replace a few missing teeth in a row to a fill the gap from missing teeth so that your patient can enjoy a pleasing and functional smile again. These partial appliances clasp to neighboring teeth and allow the patient to speak, smile and chew properly once more. These replacement teeth are attached to a colored plastic base that looks like their natural gums.

Our full and partial dentures make excellent choices when it comes to tooth loss and tooth replacement. We are committed to accuracy so that the dentures we fabricate for your patients are comfortable and stable. To find out more about our dental lab in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we invite you to 405-843-4339 and allow us to help you provide your patients with the quality product they desire!