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At Paragon Esthetics we have been supplying dentists and their patients with custom dental restorations and appliances for over two decades now! Our goal has always been to provide personalized service with our oral devices that are effective, comfortable and natural looking to replace missing teeth.

When a patient suffers the loss of teeth in the front of the mouth, this can interfere with speaking properly as well as affecting their ability to bite their food off before being able to chew it. This can affect not only how the teeth function but also how they look, causing them to feel self-conscious.

When these patients come to you for relief, we are ready to help. Our team at Paragon Esthetics specializes in a variety of restorative capacities. Whether you are looking for a lab that takes on high-end cases and implants using cutting edge technology and single appliance restorations, we offer high-quality, durable crowns and bridges that are created and delivered in a timely manner.

Unlike dental fillings, a crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is permanently cemented to a tooth structure and covers the tooth above the gums. Crowns look just like natural teeth and are shaped to fit against the opposing teeth correctly for proper chewing. While a crown can replace and fit a natural tooth, bridges replace one or more teeth that are missing, all in a single piece that looks like a grouping of normal teeth made of multiple crowns.

Our custom dental crowns and bridges are milled from top-quality ceramic, porcelain, metal and resin. They look and feel natural in the mouth while also being durable for longevity. Our dental lab technicians design the crown or bridge using state-of-the-art digital technology from impressions you sent in, ensuring that the appliance is made with precision accuracy.

If you have patients seeking to replace missing teeth with an appliance that will help them chew and speak normally again, you can count on our dental lab to create restorations that will keep them smiling with confidence. Our tooth replacements are made from high-grade materials that serve your patient’s needs so they won’t have to hide their smiles. We want to make sure your patient is satisfied with their new restoration as well as our service.

We strive to provide patient satisfaction that will bring you new patient referrals! If you are an oral care specialist seeking a dental lab that creates top-quality restorations, please give us a call at 405-843-4339. A member of our dedicated team in Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma will be happy to speak to you about our materials, pricing and treatment planning.